Individually we are vulnerable. Together we are invincible.

Who are we?

We are a group of local people who have become increasingly concerned about the erosion of democratic norms and are looking for ways to ensure that the views of local people direct tax spend rather than being ignored.  We cannot have taxation without representation.

We are explicitly not aligned with any political party and hope this group becomes a broad church which welcomes all, providing a forum for a wide range of opinions, encourages debate and becomes the spark for a range of peaceful, lawful actions which help ensure both the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Ilkley Town Council, serve our needs rather than some other agenda.

The process by which decisions were made regarding introducing 20 mph zones and speed humps seemed flawed for example, with the Council appearing to ignore legitimate concerns being raised by locals, emergency services and road safety experts in the consultation, public meetings and polls.  Concerns about the democratic process and the visibility of decision making processes have also been raised regarding decisions to close the recycling centre, to charge folks in resident parking zones to park outside their own homes and to close the Lido.

We are not experts. We don't have the answers. We are simply ordinary folk driven by a shared belief that Ilkley deserves to be treated as the unique and vibrant English country town it is, not just an extension of Bradford's jurisdiction.

We are committed to rallying support, raising awareness, and relentlessly advocating for fair treatment.

Our goal is to ensure that Ilkley receives the attention, resources, and respect it deserves, and that the decisions affecting our town and the wider area, reflect the needs and aspirations of our community. 

Join us as we fight for fairness for Ilkley, Ben Rhydding, Addingham, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Silsden and Menston.