13 July 2024
Every year the Welsh government publish data of all road accidents in Wales where speed and severity of  injury are recorded for each police force (https://statswales.gov.wales/Catalogue). The data for 2023
18 June 2024
The sample below is taken from the analysis of costs undertaken by Jim Gillespie, Paul Birch, and Peter Barron that was presented at the meeting held on the 21st May
16 June 2024
I imagine that the title of this note has some keyboards hissing with steam; the second half. However it’s the first part that this is really about, the reference to
13 May 2024
The closure of Ilkley’s tip at the end of March 2024 was a sad event. It was also surprising given that all parties on the council cited the environment as
11 May 2024
In our personal lives and our professional lives most of us believe in the importance of making informed decisions – decisions that take into account both the costs and benefits
09 May 2024
Below is our initial press release for Fairness for Ilkley District. Feel free to reprint this, edit it, and distribute it far and wide. The more people who know about
09 May 2024
In the close-knit community of Ilkley, we often pride ourselves on our shared values and common goals. However, recent traffic measures have significantly tested this sense of unity. These new
15 April 2024
A Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting a Freedom Of Information Request to Bradford Council As citizens, harnessing Freedom of Information, or FOI for short, can be an incredibly powerful tool, allowing