09 May 2024

Initial Press Release

Below is our initial press release for Fairness for Ilkley District. Feel free to reprint this, edit it, and distribute it far and wide. The more people who know about this community group the better.



Local Residents Spring into Action for a Fairer Deal for Ilkley District

Ilkley, 10th May 2024 - A newly formed community action group called Fairness for Ilkley District is championing the cause for a more balanced relationship between Ilkley and Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Ilkley Town Council. The group emerges as a voice for Ilkley residents and surrounding districts, whose concerns they feel have been increasingly overlooked over the past few years.
The recent closure of the household waste and recycling centre, the enforced 20mph speed limits town-wide against public sentiment, the imposition of parking fees for residents on their own properties, the worrying situation with Ilkley Lido, and the perceived imbalance in fund allocation favouring Bradford over Ilkley and other districts, have fueled the formation of the group.
Fiona Mann, who co-manages the Facebook page for Fairness for Ilkley District group, underscores the non-partisan essence of the movement, stating, "Our group is wholly apolitical. Our aim is to focus on securing a fairer deal for Ilkley and the surrounding district rather than simply pointing the finger or assigning blame

A public meeting has been organised at the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley at 7pm on 21st May. This event invites Ilkley residents, and those from the surrounding area, to learn more about the group's mission, voice their concerns, and join the dialogue about the district's future. With capacity for 200, it's an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the group and to influence its direction.
Andrew Ross, a key group member, shares his optimism about the group's growth, stating, "The early success of the Facebook group, which has quickly attracted hundreds of members, gives us confidence that our membership will grow and grow as the momentum builds."
Lawrence Stoker, another concerned resident in the group, adds, "As our journey begins, we cordially invite everyone to join us at the Clarke Foley Centre on the 21st May. Your voice matters in shaping the future of Ilkley and the surrounding district. Together, we can ensure Ilkley gets the fair deal it deserves."

Fairness for Ilkley District extends a warm welcome to all residents who resonate with their vision for a balanced future to join the conversation and contribute to the group's efforts. Interested parties can engage with the group via their Facebook page, on X (formerly Twitter) or by visit the website at fairnessforilkleydistrict.com.
Website:     https://fairnessforilkleydistrict.com 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fairnessforilkleydistrict
Twitter:       https://twitter.com/FairnessIlkDis
YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/@FairnessForIlkleyDistrict

About Fairness for Ilkley District:
Fairness for Ilkley District is a local community action group on a mission to promote a balanced relationship between Ilkley and the Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The group advocates for a more equitable distribution of resources and decision-making power, ensuring Ilkley remains the charming town it is. For more information, please visit our website at fairnessforilkleydistrict.com or contact us at info@fairnessforilkleydistrict.com.